Virtual CFO

A Senior & Matured Finance Professional At The Cost Of Finance Manager

Why Virtual CFO?

It is not just cost effective but to retain good talent is a concern for comparatively small organization to hire CFO whereas even the small business even at the startup stage or at growing stage, it is the requirement of business to avail the services of experienced & matured finance professional.

Right Selection

I am not able to judge the right talent of CFO as this is not my forte.


I want to invest in CFO, but don't want much of cash outflow as cash conservationis the key to grow for any business.


Effecient CFO in my own budget is critical but important. Having all skills to help me grow faster can't be compromised.


My present operations are not voluminous but strategy & way forward is a major requirement of today. I need mature professional.

Mentoring Startups

I am a start up / SME & not familiar with the legal & finance compliances, accounting & taxation. Don't want to get into these aspects, but to focus on business.


I know my business, but how do I generate value, get funding and handle business strategy & structuring related issues?


CFO is a critical team member for growth. This continutity is a big support not only for internal team members but also to prospective investors.


Dependability on team than on one person provides more consistent solutions.
Lets tallk


Planning is easy, implementation is hard, and execution of both leads to success.


Corporate Planning & Structure

Finalizing the best form of legal entity structure considering various factors like resource requirements, fund raising requirements, tax efficiency, compliance cost, regulatory requirement etc.

Business Plan Assistance

Building detailed business model from scratch OR customizing available business plan after thorough research on client’s company, products/services, industry and competition.

Budgeting & Forecasting

Creating budgets; predictive forecasts and development of market analysis; providing sensitivity analysis for various market scenarios.

It is the perfect financial operation that draws a line between ‘profits’ and ‘losses’ of your business.


General Accounting

Maintaining the client’s accounts and ledgers.


Managing all payroll related activities - Formulating payroll process; Salary processing; Employee reimbursement processing; Handling compliances (PF, ESI, LWF, and TDS); Employee exit process; Advising client on best practices for Payroll.

Receivables & Payables Management

Managing all activities - Formulating the complete vendor payment and client receivables process; Timely transactions as per process; Account reconciliation with the vendors & clients. Fund Management: Managing the clients funds to achieve objectives of best return on capital and liquidity on behalf of the client.

Fund Management

Managing the clients funds to achieve objectives of best return on capital and liquidity on behalf of the client.

The best financial advice depends upon the experience of a person who is giving the advice. It is only he who has the knowledge of downturn as well as upturn of a business.


Financial processes and controls

Conceptualizing, formulating and implementing financial processes and controls in conjunction with the client team.


Providing advice on best practices to the client as and when required on matters related to FDI, Taxation, Excise, Payroll and other related matters.

Fund Utilization & Working Capital Requirement

Forecasting and evaluating the cash flows and working capital requirement of the client and providing MIS on fund utilization. Advising client and implementing best practices on improving cash flow and working capital management.

Financial MIS & Analysis

Providing and reviewing regular financial performance reports and analysis on the cost and profitability for various product lines and business units to support decision making and providing advice from our expert financial advisors.

Ensuring regular compliance with the rules and regulations would always take us towards efficient productivity. The cost bearing after of non-compliance is always much greater than that of compliance.



Managing all taxation related activities - Processing and deposit of tax (Excise, Service Tax, Sales Tax, TDS, Corporate Tax) on a timely basis; Liasoning with the tax authorities; Advising client on taxation best practices.


Handling all compliances with respect to secretarial – Company Incorporation; ROC filings; Board Meeting compliances; Liasoning with authorities; etc.

Statutory Reporting

Providing financial reports to Board of Directors for statutory compliances and providing financial statements as per the relevant accounting standards (Indian GAAP/ US GAAP/ IFRS).

In order to run your business smoothly, even a small transaction would matter most.


IPO Support

Supporting in our clients in all aspects of the IPO process - meeting prospective institutional investors, preparing financials, handling compliances, etc.


Supporting our clients in executing their M&A strategy by providing guidance on the benefits and risks involved. Providing post M&A support for smooth integration between companies.

Due Diligence

Undertaking due diligence on a target company on behalf of the client OR providing support and intelligence for due diligence being undertaken on client.

Exit Strategy

In cases where the client is contemplating exiting the business or reducing his/her stake, identifying the right exit strategy for the company, supporting it in process and ensuring a quick and smooth exit transaction.

Investor Relations

Supporting in our clients in all aspects of the IPO process - meeting prospective institutional investors, preparing financials, handling compliances, etc.


Manage the relationship with the banks; Provide MIS and prepare presentations as required by them; Advise client on handling of lenders and investors.


Provide MIS and prepare presentations to the equity investors (VC Funds, Seed Fund, PE Funds) as required by them.

How Outsoursing Can Be Useful?

Cost Effective

Experience cost effectiveness in finance, tax and legal services.

High Competency

Our competency is based on our efficiency, effectiveness and experience.

Quality & Timely Delivery

Our technology-driven platform delivers qualitative services within stipulated time.

Team Of Professionals

We believe in team work and only that defines our emerging growth.

Long Term Partner

Become a long term partner in all stages of entrepreneurship.

We're Friendly

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What people say?

I am totally satisfied with the services provided to us.I wish the best to the LetsComply team.

Rajan Madhu - President, Fashion TV India

What people say?

The services provided by LetsComply have been exceptionally good. I recommend their services to anyone looking to start a venture.

Kaushik Roy - Founder and CEO, Biryani By Kilo

What people say?

I thank LetsComply team for their professionalism and splendid services. It was a wonderful experience to work with such an organized team.

Ravi Gupta - CFO, Jubilant Foodworks Ltd.

What people say?

LetsComply did an exceptional job in understanding our requirements and providing us with detailed solution and information. The entire team answered our queries with utmost satisfaction and even handholded us when we needed them. I wish them success.

Mr.Venu Madhav - Executive Director - Direct Cars Private Limited

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